September 8, 2010

Good News Bears

Yesterday I received some very exciting news. This summer I applied for a grant from the Kansas Art Commission that would fund my studio space and supplies to develop and make a whole line of bed quilts. And they chose me! They cho-cho-chose me! This news is so big and so exciting that I'm sort of in denial. I've only told my mom and Simon so far.  I also scooped up Owen cat and made her dance with me until she put her claws out and yelled (that took about 5 seconds).
That's Owen with Simon. Owen is a girl and she has a fat belly. 
She is also called Owey, O-face, Thriller, Fatty-Bear, Bun Head, and Bobbin.

As most of you know, I've already started developing the line of quilts. The sky/landscape quilts and the color block quilts are part of the series. But with this funding I can go crazy and make as many prototypes as I need and explore as many different colorways as I can think of. Now there really are no excuses...well, other than being busy with teaching.

Yay Yay Yay Yay! And now some pretty pictures of surface design samples:

stamps and low water immersion

direct application and shibori

direct application and crackle


  1. Kimbee!!! This is most wonderful, exciting news indeed!!!! Congratulations!!!! Those
    Kansas City Art Commission folks are pretty smart and knew what they were doing when they selected you. WHOOOOPPPPEEEE!!!!!!!!

  2. This is awesome! Time for that Bernina, I think?

  3. Yay! Thanks for the support. And Jaime - I might be ready for a Bernina. We'll see.

  4. Kim, That's awesome, way to go! I'm very excited :)