November 22, 2010

inspiration: the sky from my bedroom window

Every morning I open the curtains in my bedroom so the sun will help Simon wake up. For a while it was dark when I did this. But with the time change it has been getting light out while I'm still at home and every morning right around 7:10 the sky is amazing.

11/21 - do you see that jet stream?
I mean truly honestly amazing. Shockingly so. I am still trying to figure out why the sky is such a revelation to me, when it has been around my whole life.


The night sky is pretty great, too. I guess.


 I am completely awed by the difference in cloud structure, color, quality of light, and mood within a span of a few days. These skies only exist for a short amount of time, so unless you are really paying attention, they are easy to miss. If I wasn't such a slave to time, I would wake up with the sun every morning and take a picture. A project for winter break perhaps.

November 21, 2010

cough, cough, etsy, cough

I am officially a Sicky McSickerton with runny nose, cough, headache, and general unpleasantness. It's no fun. It's hitting especially hard now that I am back home in KC, away from The Most Adorable Nephew Ever.

Instead of an invitation to my pity party, I will leave you all with a very short blog post and some eye candy. Check out this treasury I made on Etsy.

Sneak peeks:

 Moldy Linen Pin by elinart

Quilt Card Set by krankpress

Again, the link for the treasury with a side note that anyone who wants to send me a Christmas present need look no further than this delightful list (hint, hint, no pressure).

November 2, 2010

pretending to be a designer again

option 1
Alright ya'll.  I'm coming at you again for some advice/help. This time I'm requesting input on postcard designs. I am making an effort to "put myself out there" as it were and finding that I need an actual, physical object to give/send people with my information on it.

option 2
This thing is going to have an image on one side and just a small amount of information on the back (like my email, website, etc.). I've been playing around with some detail shots of my quilts to try and come up with a postcard that is colorful, shows the texture of the fabric and stitching, and has my name on it. They will be 4" x 6".

option 3
I would really appreciate some feedback. Nothing is precious, I could use help with which image is best, orientation of the card, where the text (my name) should be, etc. I want to try and order them by late this week.

option 4
Thank you, thank you, thank you to anyone who writes me a comment with suggestions!!