November 2, 2010

pretending to be a designer again

option 1
Alright ya'll.  I'm coming at you again for some advice/help. This time I'm requesting input on postcard designs. I am making an effort to "put myself out there" as it were and finding that I need an actual, physical object to give/send people with my information on it.

option 2
This thing is going to have an image on one side and just a small amount of information on the back (like my email, website, etc.). I've been playing around with some detail shots of my quilts to try and come up with a postcard that is colorful, shows the texture of the fabric and stitching, and has my name on it. They will be 4" x 6".

option 3
I would really appreciate some feedback. Nothing is precious, I could use help with which image is best, orientation of the card, where the text (my name) should be, etc. I want to try and order them by late this week.

option 4
Thank you, thank you, thank you to anyone who writes me a comment with suggestions!!


  1. Hi Kim! I'm more than happy to give you my very unprofessional and lacking-in-any-artistic-talent opinion and that is go with option 4. I love it just the way it is - where you name is and the orientation are perfect! The other three options are awesome, too. You really can't go wrong with any of your beautiful quilts - wish I had just a tiny little bit of your talent!!!!

  2. I love number 2. I love how the colors range, and I'm always a sucker for bottom heavy - meaning for me, the darker colors go towards the bottom and the eye follows, and your name appears.

    close runner up could be number 4, though i would change the color of your name to darker to offset the colors of the quilt.


  3. I vote for option two..i love the range of colors and how they draw your eye down to your name.

  4. My personal favorite is number 3. I like 4 as well, but your name doesn't show up as nicely on it. If you changed the color your name was in it could be a viable option.

    Lisa (that long lost girl from ISU)

  5. Good input from everyone before me. I like number 4 because the colors are really vibrant. The texture is great, also, on number 3. But number 4 makes a stronger statement. All of them are lovely.
    You do really great work.

  6. I say option 4, hands down. LOVE the bright orange to blue and how the blue lines are also on the orange...

  7. Kim--
    Which one do you really like? Which one feels like a kindred spirit? THAT is the one to choose.

    I really like all of them. I think #2 speaks to me most strongly because it reminds me of a lovely, serene, quiet sunrise. I think it would be interesting to rotate to the horizontal with the brown on the left and your name in a matching brown ink superimposed on the pastels on the bottom right.

    #4 is my other favorite. I agree with Sonrie (above) that your name in a darker ink might be more distinctive.

    That being said, you can't go wrong if you choose the one that best reveals YOU.

    Best Wishes, and Always Love,

  8. Dang. Thanks everyone. I think I'm going to go with number 4 and make my name darker.

  9. I have just discovered your work, and let me just say WOW! Beautiful!

    You picked the one I would have picked. Although beds (and therefore quilts) are "portrait," I always prefer detail shots to be landscape for some reason!

    Also, I discovered that while you have a Flickr account, you haven't used it in a while. Please come back! There are lots of other modern quilters who use it, and since I got back into quilting I have found it to be a wonderful source of inspiration and encouragement. You should check out these groups: &

    I can't wait to see more of your work. :)

  10. 4 is incredible. I agree with others, change the text color a little to make it show up more clearly! Love your work!