August 11, 2010

the sky in july (and august)

I've posted before about how I'm trying to notice things more. It's a continuing battle but I'm making a consistent effort. Keeping my camera nearby at all (well, most) times is helping.
Something that I've been noticing and documenting this summer are the amazing skies in Kansas City. Our house is on top of a hill and there are no other houses close by -  at least by city standards. It gives me a great view of the sky in 360 degrees.
I've based two of my most recent quilts on our summer sky:
 (I love this one. It seems like little cherubs should be flying out of those blue spots)

 these two skies were the inspiration for:

full quilt / detail

and these two inspired:

full quilt / detail

Both quilts are completely hand dyed. The top one has 19 different colors and the bottom one has 23, if I'm remembering correctly. This is a series I'm excited to continue.


  1. When I worked at MHAH, I had a standing understanding with somebody who lives just a few doors from you that I could walk through their yard to take pictures of the sunset as reflected off the Kansas City skyline.

  2. That's lucky. There are some beautiful city views just down the block from us.